Allmänna Villkor och tips för säker användning

Tips for safe use of bags
  • Place the bag on firm ground, reachable for a crane.
  • Do not drag the bag on the ground, it may weaken and tear
  • Make sure nothing can fall out of the bag. Do not exceed the weight limit.
  • You can mix non-hazardous materials. Not food waste, hazardous waste or liquids
  • Soil, stone, concrete etc.. should only be placed in Small and Large bags.
  • You need to sort: Electronic waste, Impregnated wood
  • Always contact BIG BAG before you throw hazardous waste

Tips for safe use of container
  • The intended placement area needs to be large enough for a container plus a truck.
  • Make sure the ground is stable. Car plus containers weigh many tons.
  • Protect fragile land and environment, if you can not choose a rugged place.
  • Load up to the maximum allowable weight and volume!
  • Avoid areas with poor security. Consult the driver.
  • Do not hesitate to contact and consult customer service or drivers if anything is unclear.

Terms and Conditions

Version 2016:2 Valid from 2016-05-17


1.1 This agreement replaces the current existing agreements.

1.2 The following general conditions apply to BIG BAG AB (556595-5019 nedan BIG BAG) provision of services and products. At the time of the order specified conditions apply until the parties' obligations with regard to the laid Order are completed. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time.

1.3 When conflicting provisions or conditions applicable to individual written agreements prior to these General Terms and Conditions.

1.4 The dealership is complemented these general conditions of ABM07 the extent regulation is lacking in the dealership or these General Terms and Conditions.

1.5 In agreement with existing waste collection and / or transportation supplemented these general conditions of Alltrans 2007 insofar control lacking in the dealership or BIG BAG:'s General Conditions.

1.6 In agreement regarding BIG BAG:receipt of waste for treatment is the individual contract and these BIG BAG:general terms the complete control of the contractual relationship.


2.1 The container must not be moved or used by the Client other than the collection of materials and waste under this Agreement.

2.2 The Purchaser shall ensure that the container is accessible for emptying with the intended vehicle.

2.3 The Purchaser is entitled to provide the container with the BIG BAG approved locking device. Every time BIG BAG collects, all locks should be removed, unless otherwise agreed.

2.4 BIG BAG account for and pay for ongoing maintenance and repair of containers, and is entitled to at the Purchaser carry out maintenance and repairs to the container and replace the container against another of equal volume.

2.5 The Purchaser is required to properly maintain the container and report any vandalism to BIG BAG. Purchaser is responsible for theft and damage to containers. The client is always responsible for the cost of repairing if damage is caused to the containers originating from the negligence or improper treatment, which can not be considered normal wear and tear. The purchaser shall, by negligence, for damage and possible cleaning caused by inappropriate waste / material in container.

2.6 Loading of containers shall be made so that a good balance is obtained, up to the limit of the permissible maximum weight. Items must be filled to the maximum of the upper edge and not be higher, longer or wider than the container. Material shall be loaded or sealed, so that the risk of dust spread or items falling through the cargo net does not exist.

2.7 BIG BAG has the right to withdraw or move the container by request of an authority or landowner.

2.8 BIG BAG is entitled to take home the container after its discretion if payment can not be paid according to the terms and conditions, or if BIG BAG suspects improper or careless use.

2.9 Whatever the reason for compelling action, the customer must be sought to be informed of the action. However, the mission can be completed even in cases where the client has not been reached before action had to be taken.

2.10 The client is responsible for all additional costs of enforced action if he can not prove that it was caused by the carelessness or negligence of BIG BAG.


3.1 Any collection of hazardous waste requires making of the declarations. Declaration shall be signed by the Purchaser in connection with or to BIG BAG starting assignment under this Agreement. If different types of hazardous waste is collected and transported, each individual types must be declared for themselves and be marked with waste characterization and EWC code. With repeated collection and transportation of the same types, The client can refer to already established "Declaration" with specific ID. On each such occasion the statement in the "Declaration" about the characteristics of the waste and the other provisions of the "General Conditions" apply. If the conditions specified in the "Declaration" changes or other circumstances which are relevant BIG BAG's handling exists or arises, The Purchaser is obliged to immediately give BIG BAG written notice about this.

3.2 Hazardous waste containers should be tightly closed and of good quality and of material destined and devoted for packaging waste of the kind and otherwise comply with applicable regulations. Packagings shall meet the requirements of ADR, containing rules and conditions that must be fulfilled at the national and international transport of dangerous goods by road. The packaging must be clearly marked and resistant way with EWC code and class and other markings BIG BAG can come to demand. Pump Combustible waste shall not fill used packaging to more than 90 % of existing volume without special agreement with BIG BAG. Packaging may be regarded as disposable packaging.


4.1 BIG BAG assume responsibility for and ownership of the waste / recycling material when retrieval occurs or when the waste comes in BIG BAG's possession. The customer, however, is still responsible for the consequences that may arise due to the nature of the waste not corresponding to what has been agreed.

4.2 BIG BAG are responsible for ensuring waste / recyclables only are delivered to state-tested and approved facilities and that all other handling is done in full accordance with Swedish laws and regulations.


5.1 BIG BAG transports, dumps and sorts waste that does not classify as hazardous. Food waste is not accepted.

5.2 Hazardous waste is accepted provided they are submitted in accordance with applicable laws.

5.3 BIG BAG pick up and drop off during weekdays between 06:00-22:00 unless otherwise agreed. If the transport can not be made during this period, or parts of that period, the customer must notify this when ordering.

5.4 Orders by phone can be made weekdays between. 07:00-17:00. Orders through the internet can be done around the clock.

5.5 BIG BAG's standard service for transportation means free flow of large truck. The road to our destination should have a clear height of 4,5 meters and a width of at least 3 meters..

5.6 The Customer is responsible for the accessibility of transport, ie the part of the private road outside the public road network, if it must be entered in order to accomplish the mission.

5.7 Distance to bags placed further away than 5 meters from the possible parking space for trucks must be communicated at the time of order to ensure that the correct vehicle is planned for the task.

5.8 Bags positioned further away than 8 meters from the road belong to hour based services.

5.9 The Customer is responsible that the for maximum cargo weight and volume of the container and bags are not exceeded.

5.10 Legal compliance and the necessary knowledge of laws and regulations is the responsibility.

5.11 The Customer is responsible for damage along the route (ie road outside the public road network) or place designated for assignment.

5.12 The customer is liable for damages to BIG BAG's property, the time the property is in the customer care.

5.13 Deviations from the standard services that are not reported by the customer at time of order which prevented completion of the order will be charged according to the price list valid at the time.

5.14 The Customer is responsible that the work can proceed with the ordered resource.

5.15 BIG BAG is responsible for the work to proceed with the BIG BAG staff recommended resource, given that the purchaser provided accurate information about the mission's prospects.

Cancellations and Returns for standard services.

5.16 Cancelling the collection of BIG BAG bags or placing, emptying / collecting of container can be done free of charge at 17:00 next coming weekday , prior to the service being executed.

5.17 Ordering of materials for delivery is always binding. Purchase can be lifted if BIG BAG can not keep the promised delivery date.

5.18 Ordered material will not be bought back .

5.19 If BIG BAG on arrival at the place of delivery is not allowed to complete the delivery, or if the site's condition prevents offload the Customer will be charged for delivery in its entirety, and return transportation and tipping fee according to the price list.

5.20 Cancellations of hourly based services refers to High Lift Cranes, Vacuum trucks, specialized cranes and other services where resources are made available to the customer at the specified hourly rate. Cancellation can be done without charge no later than 12:00 the day before the service is to be executed. Cancellation after 12:00 days prior to the agreed work will start as follows::

* Full day reservations: 5 hours

* Half day reservations or shorter working hours calculated: 3 hours


6.1 Contracted rates are excluding VAT and relate to work performed during regular working hours, unless something is specified..

6.2 BIG BAG reserves the right to adjust prices, products and services.

6.3 When renting a container, a delivery fee will be charged at the time the container is delivered and a reparation/cleaning fee will be charged at the time the container is returned, ..

6.4 Start of rental billing for all containers / equipment takes place at the agreed start time according to the agreement that has been made..

6.5 BIG BAG is entitled to payment for the processing fee. Processing prices are based on prices determined at the end of the contract.. If prices for the process of materials change during the time of contract, BIG BAG has the right to immediately adjust the price. If the processing fee can not be agreed upon, Big Bag's price list will be decisive..

6.6 If material substitution is agreed upon between the Purchaser and BIG BAG, this can be acquired according to the specific invoice. . Material substitution is adjusted quarterly, monthly, 14 day- or daily, based on changes in market prices.

6.7 If the waste / material composition, or otherwise does not comply with the agreement, BIG BAG has right to adjust the prices or alternatively charge extra costs. For example, BIG BAG owns the right to change the price of emptying containers if agreed pick-up rate changes. Waste / materials that are placed around the container will be charged an additional hourly rate..

6.8 Additional fees by road tolls, ferries, bridges- and similar charges, will be charged to the Purchaser.

6.9 Dwell time, that was not caused due to a fault in the vehicle, will be charged at an hourly rate, minimum charge is 1/2 hour.

6.10 Payment terms for companies are 20 days net, for individuals 10 days net. Service fee charged. Upon payment past the due date, an interest fee will be charged.

6.11 Claims / complaints must be reported immediately to BIG BAG.

6.12 New Laws, provisions, as well as other decisions by the authorities, which will take effect during the contract period and that extends the nature or extent of the obligation or the manner of its execution, or impose additional fees or taxes related to the project entails the right for BIG BAG to immediately adjust the agreed prices from the time when such law or statute comes into force.


7.1 The Purchaser is responsible for hazardous waste, radioactive, explosive, flammable, corrosive and noxious substances and articles as well as toxins, Liquefied Gases, substances that can damage the container and all other materials and wastes that through regulatory action must be disposed of in other ways., Under no circumstances may these materials be placed in a container. Household waste may not be left in the container if not agreed in writing.

7.2 The purchaser is responsible providing the correct information of the waste / material content, weight, and property to the extent such information is relevant for price calculation or BIG BAG's third party liability or responsibility under applicable law such as environmental law, traffic laws and the law on overload fee. Such information shall be provided, upon request in writing by the authorized person.

7.3 The purchaser is responsible for any necessary permits and costs for the placement of a container on public or other places that require certain licenses.


8.1 If the purchaser leaves waste to BIG BAG, in ways that are contrary to this agreement and BIG BAG, at BIG BAG staff, or by BIG BAG hired subcontractor incurred costs or suffer damage as t. Ex disruption, damages against third parties, costs and other charges imposed BIG BAG of authority, through legislation, etc., The Purchaser shall pay the BIG BAG's injury. The same applies if the purchaser otherwise is in breach of its obligations under these Terms and BIG BAG caused harm thereby.


9.1 This agreement applies subject to force majeure and other events beyond BIG BAG's control.


10.1 Termination of an Agreement shall be in writing and sent to BIG BAG for it to apply. If the contract is not terminated up until three months before the expiry, the agreement continues to be valid for another year.

10.2 BIG BAG has the right to immediately terminate this Agreement with respect to the rental of containers if there is risk that the container is damaged, vandalized or that the client grossly violates the agreement or Swedish law.

10.3 If BIG BAG has given notice of price increases (except in accordance with paragraph 6:2) of transport fees, transport fees or hourly rates, the Purchaser may terminate the contract within one month of such notification. The agreement terminates when the increase of price comes into effect, unless the Purchaser is notified that a price increase does not occur.


11.1 BIG BAG stores personal data in order to facilitate business contacts between BIG BAG and customer. Private client's social security numbers are stored for credit control. BIG BAG stores personal data only to the extent deemed necessary to fulfill the purpose of this paragraph.

11.2 BIG BAG record orders by phone for BIG BAG:for the training purposes of customer service and for documentation of pending orders. The records are removed on a regular basis according BIG BAG:s routine recording of calls.

11.3 No personal information is sold or transferred to third parties.

11.4 Individuals may request that their personal data is erased from BIG BAG :'s database.


12.1 Any dispute arising from the agreement,, subject to paragraph 12.2, finally settled by arbitration administered at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute ("Institute"). The Rules for Expedited procedure shall apply if the amount in dispute is less than 250 000 crowns. Is the amount in dispute greater, 'll Rules of the Arbitration Institute instead apply.

12.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 12.1 get BIG BAG sue the Customer at the bailiff or the court for the issuance of a claim for compensation for services rendered or goods delivered.

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