Waste facilities, for tilting companies

BIG BAG's Avfallsanläggningar- Open for business

Rider with a permit to transport waste are welcome to our dumps. Individuals can not leave waste p.g.a. that the facilities are suitable for truck.

Snösätra Avfallsanläggning

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 06:00-17:00
Address: Snösätragränd, Band Hagen
08-30 21 00

Älvsjö Avfallsanläggning

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 06:00-17:00
Address: Konsumentvägen 13, Fairfield
Contact: 08-302100

Permitted waste at each recycling plant

Fraction / Plant Kr/ton Snösätra Fairfield
Mixed waste 1470 And And
Landfill 1675 No No
Combustible 840 And And
Wood 430 And And
Mixed waste in Big Bags 1470 And No
Electronic waste Day Rates No And
Scrap Metal Day Rates And And

Either our waste facility open, or we open for your pleasure

Sveriges närmaste soptippar
Welcome to Stockholm's nearest recycling facilities

Generous opening hours

At BIG BAG's recycling facilities, we have open from six in the morning. Are you working with time-pressured projects? We can stay open around the clock for you. But you must contact us in advance so clearly, so that we can plan for staffing.

Central locations

Why go several mil to waste you can leave in your neighborhood? BIG BAG's dumps and waste facilities are Centrally located around Stockholm, i Älvsjö och Snösätra

Easy and cost

Do you have a temporary need for tipping the garbage, you should notice that installations rates are competitive. Along with shorter transport, we hope that you will earn a hefty chop to visit BIG BAG's dumps. If you leave waste or filling compounds regularly, we want to create the conditions for long term relationships with common profitability. BIG BAG provides agreements reflecting the frequency and volume. Needless to say regarding our agreement at all plants.

Statistics and final recipient

From our tip goes to waste sorting facilities. Large volumes supplied to thermal power plants. Electronic waste removed for BIG BAG's own facility for Electronics Recycling, etc.. We leave waste statistics on request to all contract customers and used litteranummer statistics can be provided at the project level.