big bags

Köpa storsäckar – Hitta återförsäljareBeställ hämtning av storsäckarKällsortera i storsäckar


Storsäck BIG BAG Small 160 liter

Holds 160 liters, or 250 kg. Can be hung on a "cart" close to your project, and transported to the pickup location.


BIG BAG Storsäck – LargeCarries 1 m³, or 1300 kg. Our most used bag. Get rid of everything, including. stone, soil and concrete.


BIG BAG Storsäck – XL, 1,7 m³

Two meters long and can accommodate 1,7 m³. A BIG BAG XL allows you to throw away a door without having to saw it. Should NOT be used for soil, stone, concrete etc..

BIG BAG Pallet Bag

Pallsäck – Storstäck som passar på en EU-Pall

Holds 1 cubic meters, or 1300 kg. Special bag Euro Pallet. Holder is sold seperate. The pallet bag can only be purchased from BIG BAG 0770-250 750.

Waste collection in bags

Set out your bag at your projects /:
  • Place the bag up to 7 meters from our truck.
  • Contact us if the distance is greater than 7 meters.
You may mix:
  • All non-hazardous waste. NOT food waste, hazardous waste or liquids
  • Soil, stone, concrete etc.. Only in Small and Large bags.
You need to sort:
  • Electronic waste, in a separate bag. Contact Customer Service for pricing,sv.
  • Impregnated wood, in a separate bag, Charged per kg, Contact us for current price.
  • Other hazardous waste (FA), in the intended containers. Always call before you dispose of hazardous waste
Order away your waste:
  • Call 0770-250 750, or use the form on the website.
  • Impregnated wood is only retrieved after telephone order
  • Orders made before 17:00 are planned the same day.

BIG BAG big bags retrieved within 24 hours, or even faster.

Call us or See here how we solve your requests, by picking up the same day or express pick-up straight away etc.

Good for more than garbage

A BIG BAG is more useful than just collecting waste in. Use it as a Leaf-collector, Storage Solution, etc..

Do you have a boom truck, you can buy bags from us for your own business.
Remember that the weight restriction applies a crane lifting. Thereafter, the bag rating is not guaranteed.

You can throw just about anything in our bags

In a BIG BAG, you can throw away all types of "non-hazardous" waste, but not liquids or food waste.

Buy bags: Locate a store here
Throw away your waste: A detailed sorting guide can be found here
When you are done:
Call 0770-250 750, or Order here