Transform Your Electronic waste into new resources!

Order retrieval, or ask us about the recycling of electrical scrap

BIG BAG säckar kan användas till elskrot vid elektronikåtervinning

Easy to be environmentally smart

All hazardous substances are separated and everything recyclable goes back to industry to become new products.

Scrapped electronics counted as hazardous waste. It is therefore particularly important that it does not end up among our household rubbish but disposed of at an electronics recycling facility.

It is as easy to get rid of your electrical scrap, like throwing normal waste. Even the cost is the same as for non-hazardous waste.

Fill a BIG BAG bag, or BIG BAG container with old electronic. We pick up and make sure everything goes to electronics recycling.

Kärl för elektronikskrot

BIG BAG providing all possible receptacles for elåtervinning. From the battery jar of a few liters for containers that can hold 1000 liters. Call us at BIG BAG, when you need help and advice.

Dispose of Waste Electrical

You can mix in virtually all electronics, but there are important exceptions that you can see the sorting guide.

You should also remove the bulbs and other light sources.

Electronic waste must be kept protected from the weather, set out for collection on the day.

Some electrical waste must be sorted out, or require special containers.
  • Refrigerator and freezer - Does not need to be placed in specialized containers
  • Loose capacitors - Select suitable container, but do not mix with other electricity.
  • Electronics with elements of Asbestos - Special permits are required to professionally work with asbestos. Call BIG BAG if you are in any doubt.
  • Fluorescent lamps - Order a suitable package from BIG BAG.
  • CFLs - Order a suitable package from BIG BAG.
  • Bulbs - Order a suitable package from BIG BAG.
  • Batteries - Select suitable container.
In the same bag or container you can throw eg:
  • Circuit boards
  • Cables
  • Computers
  • Battery-powered electricals
  • Electric tools
  • Monitors & TV Devices
  • Household electronics
  • Appliances, (refrigerator and freezer should not be placed in bags)
  • Armatures and radiators
  • I.e., everything that is powered by electricity