Contact BIG BAG before leaving Hazardous Waste

Skåp för Farligt Avfall, FA

Hazardous waste is waste that is toxic, corrosive, teratogenic, infectious, ekotoxiska (toxic to the environment), carcinogenic, or flammable.

Exempel på vanligt förekommande Farligt Avfall är, asbestos, solvent, Game oil, brake fluid, glykol,colors, household chemicals, absorbenter (cloths, cloths), fluorescent, electrical scrap etc.

BIG BAG help you

BIG BAG har state to carry most types of hazardous waste. It is important that you contact us before leaving waste to us, to ensure that classification, packaging and hämtrutiner follow the rules and do not cause risk of injury or accidents.

Individuals and hazardous waste

På kommunernas miljöstationer kan privatpersoner lämna farligt avfall utan kostnad. You are responsible for your hazardous waste is disposed of in a proper manner. Most waste you get to drive your car, without the law states from. Obviously this does not mean that the waste is less dangerous or risky.

Companies and hazardous waste

Some waste may be handled only by accredited companies. You are required to know what your waste contains, leaving a transport document to the shipping company.

Question of Hazardous Waste