Hyr Container till byggsopor och trädgårdsavfall


10 m³ Open Container

Hyra container upp till 10 kubikmeterLiftdumper 10 m3. Carries 6 ton. A good option if you want to rent a container that is gentle on the ground surface. Can be lifted over smaller fences and hedges.

15 – 30 m³ Open Container

Hyra container, upp till 30 kubikmeterDemountable trucks 15 to 30 m3. Carries 10 ton. "Dragged" on and off the truck and you need a rugged surface. All containers have rear doors that can facilitate loading.

10 – 25 m³ Closed Container

Hyra container, täckt och låsbarCovered container 10 m3 or 25 m3. Carries 6-10 ton. Covered and lockable. You use your own lock, that you remove before collection and emptying.

For filling/road materials


Container for the so called. filling masses. If you're only going to throw earth, stone, or torn out concrete, choose a container max 6 or max 10 ton. The delivered container may be different than the picture, but the max weights are always six or ten tons

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More containers to choose from

Du kan hyra container av alla sorterAll models on Waste-container from BIG BAG

If our most common containers do not fit, you can surely find one that suits your special requests in our selection.

Protect your land

Skydda marken mot skador med körplattor, när du ska hyra container Rent driving ramps from us, if you need to protect sensitive driving surfaces.

Included in the price

  • Delivery of container
  • Transport to recycling and sorting
  • Rent for 7 days including delivery day
  • All non-hazardous waste
  • An extra fee will be charged if the location is beyond zone 1
  • VAT will be added

You must not throw: Food waste, Liquids or Hazardous Waste. A more detailed sorting guide can be found here


A few simple tips when renting a container
  • Choose a sufficiently large skip.
  • Post heaviest load at the bottom and distribute the load evenly.
  • Feel free to throw mixed waste, but without the involvement of electronics, or hazardous waste.
  • A container requires a lot of space and a solid surface.
  • Please order the day before the job starts, if you wish to have the container early on site.
In an “All Inclusive” container, you can throw:
  • All non-hazardous waste
  • Unsorted Electronic-waste in a separate container
  • Other waste by agreement
Remember that:
  • Load evenly and heaviest in the bottom
  • Load so that nothing can blow off the cargo net
  • No cargo may protrude beyond the edges

Read more on how incorrect loads are handled and charged

  • Choose a rugged location
  • Try to reserve delivery the day before, if you want to start work early.

Order that are received during working hours, are planned the same day.