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BIG BAG has come and downloaded / I have not got what I ordered. What has happened?

You can contact us at Customer service by phone or mail and we will investigate what happened.

I want to become a customer of yours and wonder what waste solutions available?

Under the heading Services you can see what solutions we have. Do not hesitate to contact us, we'll help you to the best waste solution for your business.

What tasks need BIG BAG to make an order / orders?

Name and telephone number

Download Dress - What would you have done?

When would you like us to fetch / execute the mission

Specific labeling invoice

Material, containers and size

Quantities / volumes

Please let if it is closed for lunch or if you have special opening hours

How much can be loaded in the container I have?

The website features information about the max weight and volume. Equally important is not to let parts of the load stand outside edges.


Some places and roads may allow lower maximum weight than the BIG BAG indicates that maximum weight of their containers. Also remember that you are responsible for bearing capacity of private / private road, and the place where the container will be. Protect sensitive ground with eg. run

What if my container is overloaded?

Usually, you have to unload materials. The driver is criminally responsible to drive his vehicle without overload or protruding objects. BIG BAG's drivers to drive safely and follow the rules and regulations.

If prompted to load your container can be BIG BAG help you with suitable containers or bags to tranship surplus to.

How do I change my listing / invoice data.

Changes must be made in writing. You can mail a letter to:
Konsumentvägen 13
125 30 Fairfield

Or Mejl till address:

Can individuals leave waste at BIG BAG's facilities?

No. Only companies. Of state reasons but also for safety.
Want to leave the waste itself is the community waste disposal is a good option.

Tar BIG BAG care of my hazardous waste?

And, we have permission for virtually all types of hazardous waste. Contact our Customer service for information before .

I was charged a fee for wrongly sorted materials. How can it be?

It is because we have found a material in your container that should not be there.
Typically we do not charge for small quantities of non-hazardous debris that passers throw in your bag or container.
Hazardous waste or electrical scrap, we are forced to charge because this waste requires handling. If the error is discovered before we loaded the waste we notify first customer to agree on the appropriate action.

What payment terms do you?

Payment terms for companies are 20 days net, for individuals 10 days net. The service charge will be charged. Upon payment past the due date, an interest fee will be charged.
See also our Terms and Conditions.

Do I need permission to set out containers and sacks?

You should always have the landowner's permission to set up something on the land of others than your own.
Turn directly to the landowner or to the municipality that owns the land.

As regards the Stockholm?

Here you can easily find updated information.


How quickly retrieved my BIG BAG bags?

Commonly collected your bags first working day after your order.
In the center of Stockholm we pick the same day if you request it and the order is received no later than 10:00.
To avoid zontillägg you can choose to let us collect within five days of Zones 2-4.

For an extra fee, we perform express pick most addresses. Check with customer service if you want immediate download.

Loading BIG BAG Asbestos?

Asbestos from Private person:
BIG BAG download not asbestos from private individuals. For proper treatment BIG BAG recommend that you turn to companies that meet Work Environment conditions to work with asbestos.

Asbestos Company from:
BIG BAG collect asbestos from the company that has the Swedish Work Environment permission to work with asbestos. The permit application »
Smaller amounts properly packaged asbestos collected from projects where permits for asbestos removal is not required. Other limitations »

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