Sorteringsguider för Byggavfall

Base fractions

Sorted products and materials for recycling

Ecocycle Council comment

Tillåtet i "Mixed waste" är utmärkt med *
Luminaire Electronic waste
Armerad Betong Fyllnadsmassor*
Reinforced Plastic Blandat avfall*
Armour Games Metall*
Asbestos Hazardous waste
Asphalt Asphalt
Bath, Cast iron Metall*
Battery Powered Products Electronic waste
Batteries Hazardous waste
Concrete Fyllnadsmassor*
Car batteries Hazardous waste
Bly Metall*
Blåbetong Blåbetong
Delete Metall*
Computers Electronic waste
Deck, without rim
Hazardous waste
Deck, with rim Hazardous waste
Electrical installations Electronic waste
Power Tools Electronic waste
Emballageplast Plast*
Eternit Hazardous waste
EPS cement Mixed filling *
Formvirke Brännbart*
Styrofoam Brännbart*
Furugolv Trä*
Colors Hazardous waste
Window sashes, Glasade Blandat avfall*
Gas stove Metall*
Gypsum, from demolition Deponi*
Gypsum, Clean Gips*
Cast Iron Bathtub Metall*
Cast iron pipes Metall*
Bulbs Electronic waste
Glass, rent Glas*
Gravel Fyllnadsmassor*
Hand Tools Electronic waste
Household appliances Electronic waste
Impregnated wood Hazardous waste
Insulation, stone / glasull Deponi*
Soil Fyllnadsmassor*
Cable Metall*
Tiles Fyllnadsmassor*
Karaktäriserat waste Deponi*
Frames, steel Metall*
Frames, wood Trä*
Chemical residues Hazardous waste
Klinker Fyllnadsmassor*
Komposittrall Brännbart*
Circuit boards Electronic waste
Shrink / Stretch Film Plast*
Kitchen fittings Trä*
Limtuber Hazardous waste
Linoleummattor Brännbart*
Linoleummattor, med limrester Deponi*
Lists, Wood Trä*
Fluorescent lamps Hazardous waste
CFLs Hazardous waste
Solvent Hazardous waste
Markskivor Blandat avfall*
MDF Trä*
Metal Latches Metall*
metal games Metall*
Mineral Wool Mineralull*
Soft isolation Mineralull*
Mjukplast Plast*
Nålfiltmatta Brännbart*
Oren concrete Fyllnadsmassor*
Osb discs Trä*
Packband, plastic Plast*
Packpand, plate Metall*
Pallets, plastic Plast*
Pallets, wood Trä*
Paper Brännbart*
Floor Trä*
Plastic jars, blank Plast*
Plastemballage, not reinforced Plast*
Plastic Film Plast*
Plastic tubes Plast*
Porcelain, sanitet Blandat avfall*
Plyfa Trä*
Plywood Trä*
Plate bolts Metall*
Porcelain Blandat avfall*
Putsbruk Fyllnadsmassor*
PVC Brännbart*
Reglar metal Metall*
Stir, Cast iron Metall*
Sanitetsporslin Blandat avfall*
Packaging Foam Brännbart*
Slipers, impregnerad Hazardous waste
Appliances, the Electronic waste
Sockets, plastic Plast*
Sockets, wood Trä*
Spiral ducts Metall*
Sprayburkar Hazardous waste
Particleboard Brännbart*
Stone Fyllnadsmassor*
Blades Metall*
Roofing, in pieces Brännbart*
Roof panel Metall*
Wallpaper Games Brännbart*
Tegel Fyllnadsmassor*
Tape Brännbart*
Tryckimpregnerat real Hazardous waste
Wooden packing Trä*
Wood paneling Trä*
Scrap wood Trä*
Fabrics Blandat avfall*
Cover the cardboard Brännbart*
Plastic cover Brännbart*
Water heater Electronic waste
Water heater, Elsanerad Metall*
Corrugated Brännbart*
Ventilation Plate Metall*


  • Breakdown in fewer fractions than in the base level should be especially motivated.
  • Fractions Landfill or Mixed waste - for after sorting minimized.
  • Asphalt handled for recycling or hazardous waste.
  • Pure gypsum is sorted for recycling if recycling plant are within reasonable distance.


If you miss something material in the guide?

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