Vacuum truck with suction and blower

Sugbil on building

Enlist the help of vacuum suction in removing loose wool, sawdust and drainage around buildings and dredging underwater.

When mains replacement and all types of blow jobs to put single in house, remove sand in the pools and the movements of the big bag is hungry unbeatable.

Vacuum truck at earthwork

Vacuum truck used even when tree roots are in need of new nutritious soil when using vacuum suction exposes the roots and then fill in with new soil.


Tubes may extend 40 meters high and about 300 meters long under favorable förhållande.Med hose dimensions up to 8 tum suction wet and dry materials.

Hoses and pipes are drawn up to 300 meters without losing the capacity of the vacuum suction and therefore can access tight and hard to reach areas.

At exhaust vacuum suction can be material from dry sand to 16-32 single use.

Check with BIG BAG of vacuum truck suits your project

Project with Sugbil