Avfallshantering med fokus på miljön

BIG BAG offers simple and environmentally friendly waste solutions for both small and large projects.

2003 BIG BAG launched the collection of building and garden waste in bags, which gave the craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts the opportunity to "skip the trailer" and devote more time to their building projects.

Today, BIG BAGs are collected from hundreds of projects every day. Thanks to that so many choose to let their building waste car-pool with BIG BAG, the transport is minimized when travelling to the company's four waste facilities.

In Stockholm, BIG BAG collects on the same day that the bags are filled, if the customer wishes. Which is mportant for building sites where garbage can not be left standing overnight.

BIG BAG is of course more than just bags. Half of our customers' waste are collected in containers ranging from 5 to 30 cubic meters. Special containers are offered for easy loading of excavated and less "city adapted " containers, leased by projects where cars and other obstacles make it difficult to place a regular container.

Special vehicles as High lifting cranes, vacuum trucks with suction and blower, and small crane lorries that can make their way to places normal trucks and lorries can not. Everything is available, , to ensure your project is everything but trashy!

You are welcome to browse around the website, or call 0770-250 750

BIG BAG are Environment- and Quality certified according to 9001/14001 iso_9001_14001

Please note that the cost of electronic pickup has been changed,sv 2018! Contact Customer Service (08-30 21 00) for more information.


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